I have learned a lot from the Bremen Botz! Lego team. I learned how to use pi to figure out that 36 degrees of wheel turn = 1 inch. I have learned how to build different things, how to use the different programming blocks, and solve problems better. Now I am more interested in engineering. I have also made friends with people that I don't talk to much.

It means a lot that the team has done so well in my first year. The team had great ideas how to complete the course with no problems and great ideas for our presentation. I am very happy that we have gone this far and hope we win the internationals. I think we have a great chance of getting there.

I means a lot to me that we are going to Taiwan for doing a great job at regionals and state. I will get to meet new people from around the world that were the best from their countries. I will get to learn a new language, see amazing sights, meet lots of new people, and see what they can do with their robot. I am also grateful that we will be one of five teams representing the United States in Taiwan. This Lego team has changed so much for me, and I am glad that it happened.




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Nov 17, 2012
FLL Regional Tournament
Discovery Middle School 8AM-5PM
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Dec 8, 2012
FLL State Tournament
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April 24-27, 2013
FIRST World Festival
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